Real reviews of the online casino tigre de Cristal!

Vladimir, 34 years

Never gambled. Purely accidentally looked on the Internet video, as with the help of the casino to win 1000 dollars. He was terrified. Started to look for a convenient payment system. In the end, I got an ewallet, registered and deposited on $20. I chose roulette without zero and started to spin the wheel. Everything went great, twisted $40, and then there is also a bonus added chic. In general, felt like a king. In a few minutes all lost. Shame. But, the emotions that I experienced probably cost my money.

Ruslan, 25 years

And I always vkidyvaem to Tigre de cristal. I can only say good. Invest in the account of money easily, withdraw too. Often lose, this is the theme of the random number generator, not the institution. Support operators respond quickly. In short, all Norms. Those who complain about losing are just crazy. It's gambling fun, but it's different. Today you are a pan, and tomorrow is gone.

Ekaterina, 35 years

Reviews of Tigre de Cristal are different. I've been with you for several years. You decorate my loneliness, relax long evenings and skrashivaete the weekend. I choose fruit and romantic slots. I prefer free mode, sometimes (on the day of salary) hanging For real. Recently won, dream Boots bought. There was a case, the whole salary was dropped. It happens all the same. But the main thing, you guys are the best!

Alexey, 55 years

Adore poker. As M. Bulgakov said that IFS is not poker, your life in Moscow would be absolutely unbearable. I do not want to change this portal. I recommend it.

Igor, 20 years

Guys, unsubscribe who won. I don't know if I'm lucky or a high-handed vending machine on Tigre de Cristal. Of course, the drifts are not very large, but the frequency is frequent. Write down who took out. I haven't tried it yet. While everything is comfortable, the site is convenient, the rules Clear. Normal game resource.

Sandra, 25 years old

Made me 100 Baku, gave me another 100. I was so glad, nor Chese, for a freebie a hundred. I started to twist, first everything cool, won. I started to play bonus, then I lost every bet. Just a horror! I barely fulfilled all the conditions Wagering and lost the twisted $400. In the end, I only got my hundred bucks back. And for that thank you, without loss, as they say.

Semen, 55 years

Dear friends, do not be fooled by this scam. Here cheat, lose everything.

Maxim, 31 years old

Awesome casino. Once on the slot machines won 1000 dollars. In a couple of days without any problems brought out. It's great. Then, really, a whole week lost. On the promotion never agree, it's cheese in a mousetrap. Never been completely replayed. them by conditions. Only money blew. And you do not advise. VKIDYVAJDE, fun without bonuses and everything will turn out! Respect to the resource team!

Mark, 42 years

Put $3, Podnjad to 15 and deduced. Again Vkinul three, win 20. Immediately to the conclusion. So Fortilo, that could not be pleased. Then I joined a couple of dollars – and lost everything. I'll say one thing, the institution is not bad. There are a lot of all sorts of days in the network Only Vkidyvaesh, and you can not withdraw finances. In Tigre de Cristal you can win, however, in a small. There are always chances. The main thing, do not lose your head and do not give the last. Then you will get real pleasure. And then, Zadolbali Fuckers, who write that purged a lot. And who asks you to Vkidyvat, idiots. This is not earnings, but entertainment. For them in life everywhere you need to pay, not only in the casino.

Vanya, 19 years

agrees with the foregoing. And here is the game room, if the head is empty. I have been playing for a few months in the free mode, until I realized what to do, did not learn to think through the steps ahead. I like that everything is transparent here, there are no jokes there all hidden, Like in other similar ports. I played in one well-known institution, but returned here again. It's home-like.

Prochorus, 36 years

Friends, freebies do not happen. You know that the loss percentage is always higher than the winnings. So, don't believe in miracles. I've been playing here for a few years. Soberly understand that there is anything, you can all go down in a couple of minutes. What you're going to do. It's her, Mrs. Fortuna. I agree with those who accuse the casino of fraud and robbery. There's also a random number generator, not a man sits and each spins. Don't like it, don't play.

Serge, 55 years

Turn on the imagination and think head. Then you will win. I'm in the roulette fun. And that's it. The establishment is normal, always on questions answer, will help if that. More such professionals. The main thing, do not start with big bets. Vkidajte a little bit, have fun with the process. And then for a second, all set, lost, and blamed someone.

Valery, 39 years

I play the demo version and say that it is a good way to have fun. I liked the operator who quickly helped with installation questions. I can't say anything wrong. I am waiting for new slots, and I have tried a lot, I want to refill.