Cristal Privilege Club at Tigre De Cristal

The gaming establishment of Tigre de Cristal offers not only an extensive selection of 200-odd slot machines and almost 70 tables, but also special privileges. You can get special bonuses by joining the Crystal Privilege Club-You do not need to do anything special because you automatically become a member of the club after the first game in the casino. The main point of participation is the accumulation of points, which can be exchanged for various services in the entertainment complex or use these scores for the game.

Levels and types of privileges

Depending on the level of the player in the preferred club crystal, different types of rewards. Naturally, the higher the rank-the more and the gifts:

  • Ruby is the first status in which a limited list of benefits is available, including points to the club card, free chips and other promo currency, exchange of points for hotel accommodation, souvenirs and drinks, and a 20% discount for dinner.
  • Opal - This rank includes all the privileges of the previous status, but the discount for dinner in the complex at payment points is already 40% and monthly bonuses are accrued.
  • Sapphire - In addition to all listed advantages of previous ranks added a regular bonus in the form of a free dinner or stay in the hotel room, and discount for dinner, paid points, increased to 50%.
  • Diamond - 60% discount and all the advantages of Sapphire status.

The level of Diamond should be distinguished especially, because it is possible to become the owner of this status only by invitation. From additional advantages It is necessary to note possibility to call the car on preliminary request, open entrance in Premium Hall WS, and also pleasant additions at a visit of restaurant Cascade, in particular, at organization of special evenings and anniversaries in it.

Crystal Privilege Club Rules

If you do not need any special conditions to join the club, you should adhere to certain rules to maintain your membership:

  • Guests must be at least 18 years of age.
  • To accrue points when playing in the casino the club card must be inserted into the slot machines by the correct side and presented at the game at the card or roulette tables.
  • The club account is assigned to only one guest.
  • All benefits provided by the club are not transferred to third parties and are valid only for the cardholder.

Use club bonuses to fully enjoy your stay at the Tigre De Crystal Entertainment complex.