China Friendly Program

Ground casino Tigre de Crystal provides a comprehensive rest for fans of excitement and demonstrates the highest level of service. Primorye guests are provided with:

  • the possibility of staying in the territory of the elite star hotel
  • access to the luxury gambling halls
  • Concert Hall with regular events
  • gourmet restaurants
  • Spa and Beauty salon
  • Sports Sector
  • Exclusive Boutiques

China FriendlyThe institution is in a constant process of developing new projects and ideas that could brighten up the pastime in this unique place and provoke the development of new industries. If we talk about the latest achievements of the club, can be mentioned the program China Friendly and participation in it recently. This is a special action, the purpose of which was to adapt the service sector for the reception of travelers from China. The pioneer in this field was a large jewelry store called Domino.

The leadership of the whole complex Tigre de Crystal clarifies that the institution will provide the perfect service for visitors from all over the world, but ignoring the huge flow of tourists from nearby China would be incorrect. This opens up new Opportunities for all guests of the region. On the territory of Tigre-de-Crystal are opened exclusive branded shopping points of free visit, including the brand boutique domino.

Zest is that in the plans of the founders to get the right of duty-free trade. As you understand, this should have a positive impact on investment and attract the flow of foreign guests and customers. Such a strategy should meet expectations and lead to Amazing results. The purpose of the gambling zone-to provide holidaymakers an unparalleled leisure, provide ideal conditions for a measured rest and entertainment, which will surely be remembered by them for life.